How do you welcome new employees?

How do you welcome new employees?

It’s Monday morning and you have a new employee joining the team.... are you prepared? Is there welcome to the business going to be a positive one? If you haven’t prepared – you are not alone – but an effective welcoming programme to your business is proven to benefit both the business and your new employee.

Here are some tips for effective new employee welcome plans;

Be prepared.

Before your new employee starts, think about who needs to meet with them, what information needs to be shared with them and how best is this going to happen. Key items which should be included in the welcoming programme;

  • Provide guidance on contractual & policy information
  • Ensure they have copies of relevant policies and Employee Handbooks
  • A tour of the work environment
  • Health & Safety briefing
  • Overview of the business, key stakeholders and team structures
  • Provide details of their job role and key responsibly
  • Introductions to key staff members

If you look back at your first day in a new job, it can sometimes feel like information overload so be mindful of presenting key information but don’t overwhelm.

Get Support.

A buddy system works well; inviting a member of the existing team to support the new employee – this not only enhances their welcome experience but also provides a forum for more informal questions.

Follow up.

Any welcoming plan can only be effective if it is monitored, reviewed and evaluated. It won’t work to meet your new employee on Day 1 and then not check in with them to see how they are getting on until a later probationary review. Weekly catch up – informal or otherwise – will allow for communication of any learning needs, support discussions, and positive feedback. Continued communication really is the key to success!

Does your business have an effective Employee Welcome Plan? Contact me for more information on this or any other HR related question.